The Parramatta Eels are facing the wrath of Sydneysiders today after being revealed as the cause of the dust storm sweeping over the city this afternoon.

While meteorologists originally thought the dust storm may have come from the Western region of the state, The Betoota Advocate can reveal that they the blanket of dust has come from the Parramatta Eels trophy cabinet.

Aside from a piece of Jarryd Hayne memorabilia, The Rugby League’s organisation’s trophy cabinet has been untouched since the ’80s and as a result, has accumulated an incredible amount of dust.

The club officially apologised for the lapse of judgement this afternoon, after the opening the of the cabinet to throw out a Hayne poster sent a wave of dust across the city, wreaking havoc and causing health serious health warnings to be issued.

“We apologise for the lack of the foresight in opening our trophy cabinet today and throwing the city of Sydney into disarray,” a club official said.

“Obviously as a result of our lean few decades, there has been a huge build-up of dust at our end, and that has caused the chaos today after strong winds picked up the particles.”

“We would look to assure everyone that it’s just random dust from around the organisation that has built up and offer our sincerest of apologies to any Sydneysiders who suffer from breathing difficulties.”

“We just needed to get that Hayne poster out, given what’s occurred over the last few days.”

“We would also like to issue a warning to the St Kilda and Melbourne AFL clubs, that they should be aware of a similar debacle occurring should they ever try and open their trophy cabinet.”




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