A recent report by the CSIRO has found that the surest sign an undercover police agent should look for when trying to decipher whether or not he or she has been accepted as one by a family-oriented criminal organisation of car boosters and jewellery thieves is an invitation to a cheery backyard ‘cook-out’ at the gang leaders house.

This report was commissioned by ASIO and the AFP, after series of recent news stories reported that undercover police agents in Australia were unable to blend in with assigned targets without looking like geography teachers.

The study was compiled by researchers intensely interviewing American FBI agents, as well as watching every single movie ever made about undercover FBI agents, who were asked questions about when or how they know they had finally infiltrated a gang.

95% of responses from official agents outlined the exact same scenario highlighted in this report. The cook up.

This particular social outing will most likely include a vague love interest with a high-ranking female member of the multicultural social circle of heist professionals, each with their own unique skillset, and will most definitely be a little bit tense because the 2IC of the gang isn’t sure of whether or not he should trust you yet, despite the fact that you’ve saved the leaders life a couple times now.


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