A Canberra 457-visa worker is at risk of being deported home today, after mistaking the Minister For Home Affairs’ bald head for a kiplfer spud side dish.

It is believed the member for Dixon was furious after discovering the embarrassing incident wasn’t even a joke.

“Oh ma gosh!” said the North English backpacker.

“Um honest I thought yer head was part of the ferst coorse”

This marks yet another embarrassing headline for the Home Affairs Minister, following a year that he, and many of his colleagues, are excited to see behind them.

Starting with of course his failed bid for Prime Minister that saw him fly his young family down from North Brisbane on the night of the long knives, only to be robbed of the chance to give a victory speech after yet another Eastern Suburbs silverfox pipped him for the job.

However, sources closes to Dutton say that having his head mistaken for a baked potato isn’t even the most embarrassing thing that has happened to him this week, after the Courier Mail reported that yet another refugee that arrived in Australia by boat had duxed her entire high school and also finished her Australian pre-tertiary education as school captain.

“He’ll be alright” said the party insider.

“Just so long as his constituents stop throwing bricks at his electoral office”


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