After two weeks of getting the veranda ready, nan is kicking off silly season with a little get together for her favourite people and pop.

Inviting the family via an all-caps Viber message, Nana Gleniss Tundry’s family get together was touted as having six varieties of sausages, 11 types of salad, 480 dinner rolls and no less than five pavlovas, including a controversial Donna Hay salted caramel number.

According to guests, they were delighted by the spread but completely perplexed by the beverage options which included several brands of soft drink that no one has ever seen before.

Upon showing the soft drink to the reporting team at The Advocate, followed by a quick image search, we can confirm that no one has any idea where these ‘branded’ soft drinks came from, let alone how nana got her hands on some.

“It’s like I’m looking at soft drink in a bad dream,” stated grandson Caleb (12) as sifted through the esky.

“This one is just called ‘Fun Drink’.”

Despite the soft drink selection frankly making everyone uncomfortable, nana has implored everyone to help themselves to a few for the road as whatever is not drunk today will go back under the sink.


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