A group of friends in their 30s are winding back the clock tonight as the group pothead pulls out a joint that’s big enough for everyone.

During a weekend away, the assorted group of friends took in the sort of activities you do when your body has been battered from years of partying, including getting an early start, Googling the best pies in town and something called ‘stand up paddle boarding’.

After some balcony beers that were described as ‘just lovely’, the only group member who still regularly smokes weed, Rob McCastle, produced a cheeky green drumstick to mark the special occasion.

You see, as this group of friends have aged, all except for McCastle have given up the chuff due to paranoia, the munchies, lung health or getting smacked by a humdinger of a psychosis. 

Yet all those reservations went up in smoke as McCastle passed the joint around causing the unseasoned smokers to say some very basic things.

“Aw, you know what we should do?” asked Rebecca, who last had a cannabis brownie four years ago that made her cry.

“Put on some reggae!”

“What about that dutchie to the left hand side song from Scooby Doo?”

“Fark, can we put Scooby Doo on? I haven’t seen that movie in years. That was the best fucken movie when I was a kid, I really wanna watch it now.”

Ignoring the suggestions to put on a movie with a 32% Rotten Tomatoes rating, the rest of the group agreed some reggae would do the trick before they began spitting out the most stereotypical weed smoking tunes imaginable.”

“Afro Man! Put on some Afro Man!”

“Wait – which Afro Man song?”


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