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A local mum who is trying her best has today brought home two bars of Fruit and Nut chocolate.

Jennifer Agassi, the mum of three, saw the chocolate on special at Franklins and thought she might treat her adult children to a healthier alternative to their usual trip down to the Betoota Waters gelato bar near their house.

While eating small pieces of chocolate filled with fruit and nuts might seem like it’s healthier, Jen’s first-born child was pretty quick to inform her mother that if anything, there was more sugar in the bar.

“Mum, are you serious?” questioned Tash.

“It’s regular chocolate, which isn’t good for you, and they’ve added sweetened dried fruit, which is 100% sugar”

“It’s sugar on sugar”

It’s believed Jennifer didn’t quite know how to handle the truth being dropped on her, and like anyone who’s been mislead by big business, wanted answers.

“What? Far out Tash, next thing you’ll be trying to tell me that my Weight Watchers cookies are bad for me too!”

Jennifer’s ignorance about the healthiness of food is not unique to her, with the Australian government recently declaring the nation’s obesity a fast approaching epidemic.

As we reported last month, the CSIRO has found that the simplest solution to curbing the number of overweight people in the country could be teaching people how to read.

More to come.


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