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“I’m allowed to have a black coffee and water,” he said.

“Nothing else.”

Dennis Park spent this morning walking our reporter through the leafless remains of Machattie Park in our town’s bustling Old City District, where he explained ‘intermittent fasting’ or skipping breakfast as he describes it.

It’s the latest diet trend to reach the far-southwest, following others such as ‘FODMAP’ and ‘Gluten-free’ which arrived here over the past ten years.

However, the 26-year-old admitted that for most of his young professional career, he’s skipped breakfast nine times out of ten.

“I only really have breakfast when I’m hungover and I wake up quiet early,” he said.

“Come to think of it, I’ve only really eaten lunch and dinner. The former at around noon and the latter around 6. I’ve been intermittently fast for years, when you think about it,”

“Wonder why I’m still quiet husky? I wouldn’t say I’m a unit quite yet. Certainly on my way to being portly. Oh well. Take me as I am, or let me go.”

More to come.


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