Earlier today a Betoota mum informed her husband, kids and the world that they’re going to have to hang on a second as Cyndi Lauper came on the radio.

While travelling in the car with her husband and adult children, Betoota Heights mum Miranda Sidoti (53) put on Desert Rock FM, the best radio station for people with a taste in music that hasn’t changed since 1992.

Although Sidoti has spent most of the car trip chatting away about the proposed developments and how they were changing the area for the worse, a profound silence befell the matriarch as Cyndi Lauper came on the radio to remind her how simple life once was.

One of the quintessential pop musicians of every Gen Xer’s favourite decade, Lauper is known for her feminist anthem “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and number one hit “True Colours.”

However it was “Time After Time” that graced the airwaves and ears of mum’s all across Betoota, a US number 1 that just so happens to be Miranda’s favourite.

“Oh bless,” stated Sidoti as she turned the volume up to better obscure the world around her.

“Lying in my bed, I hear the clock tick and think of you…”

As her son, who just needed a lift into town, implored his mum to finish the sentence that was interrupted by this emotionally synthesised banger, Sidoti’s partner Mitch let their kids know to just leave mum for a minute.

“She’s out of it mate, don’t expect anything from her for a bit.”

With one hand on her chest and the other waving a half-moistened tissue in the air, Sidoti continued her sweet surrender to the wrenching romantic ode that transported her back into a chunky heeled set of pumps resting on the dazzlingly potentialed path that would be the rest of her life.

“If you fall I will catch you! I WILL BE WAITING! Time after time…”

“Time after time…”



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