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The 2-metre gap between Carl Mackinnon and the office recycling bin is feeling more like 200 metres today after he attempted to throw a scrunched-up piece of paper into it and missed.

Witnesses say Carl stood staring at the bin in disbelief before quickly looking around to see if anyone saw him miss the shot.

As one eager colleague explained, they did.

“Ahhh it was brilliant!”

“We all started chanting ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’ as he walked to pick it up,” the colleague said.


The Advocate reached out to Carl to see how he was feeling after failing at this simple test of manliness.

“Yeah, gutted,” Carl said.

“I did one amazing shot once and I’ve been trying to summon back that skill ever since.”

“I need to stop geeing people up before I take the shot, that’s the worst part.”

“Everyone watching, then the look of disappointment on their face as it rebounds off the lid and rolls away on the floor.”


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