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Just hours after being asked to leave a Parliament House presser for exposing her elbows, the ABC’s Patricia Karvelas has made sure she’s able to do her job today by arriving at work this morning ready to run like the wind.

The popular Melbournese journalist spoke to The Advocate this morning as she double-knotted her Nike TNs outside the Senate entrance.

“I can’t afford to get kicked out again,” she said.

Liberal-National Senator Barry O’Sullivan rocked himself out of his comcar with mild difficulty and embarrassing gusto.

“Going for a run, PK?” he said.

Patricia looked up as she tied her shoes.

“Fuck off, Barry.”

He turned to his media advisor who swatted him across the face with a rolled-up Canberra Times and scolded him for even looking at an ABC journalist.

“Anyway, this was the only thing I had with me in Canberra that fits the new Press Gallery dress code. Don’t ask me why I had this in my carry-on! Actually, ask me!”

Our reporter elected not to.

“Oh come on! But yeah, back to what I was saying. It was nice to receive all those messages of support from my colleagues and parliamentarians. Hope the rockmelon that had me kicked out yesterday knows that! Whoever you are!”

The radio star then stood up, karate chopped the air with both hands and went inside.

More to come.


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