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Tragedy has struck a Betoota Grove home today after a young woman overdosed on Bananas.

Stephanie Brink (27) was rushed to hospital by her flatmate at around 10:30am and is believed to be in a serious but stable condition.

The Advocate can confirm that Steph ingesting over 23 of the yellow fruit in an effort to increase the serotonin levels in her brain following a weekend of gluttony.

Our reporter managed to sit down with Steph’s flatmate as she anxiously waited outside Steph’s room at the Betoota Base Hospital.

“It was so scary. She just started vomiting banana, it looked like a never ending banana smoothie,” said Steph’s flatmate, clearly still rattled from the morning’s events.

“I’ll never eat another banana again”

According to countless research, while there is serotonin in bananas, it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier.

In other words, it physically cannot get into the brain to supplement the serotonin Steph starved her brain of for 36hrs over the weekend. 

The nurse on duty revealed to our reporters that consuming the number of bananas that Steph did is enough to make anyone sick, and that she feels sick even thinking about eating that many.

“I can’t imagine how scat the poor girl was, thinking that eating 23 bananas was a good idea screams brain-dead to me”

“She’ll be absolutely fine, just put off bananas for the rest of her life.”

More to come.


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