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A local ‘bitch’ on the other end of an email better be ready for a war of passive-aggressive words today after she sent an email beginning with the phrase ‘as per my previous email’.

According to reports, Audrey Frawley, the EA at a local finance firm, read the first line of the email and went into the zone.

Her mouth curled into a sinister smile, she sat up right in her chair and stretched her fingers.

“Hi Sally, which email are you referring to?” began Audrey, ready to out sass and out write her pathetic opponent.

“Perhaps I’ve missed something, I can’t see in your previous email where you answer my question” she continued to type.

“Could you please let me know exactly where you did? Again, sorry if I’ve missed it” she fake apologised like a seasoned veteran before pushing send triumphantly.

It’s believed Audrey then took a screen shot of the email thread and sent it to her work BFF, Stacey.

“Get a load of this! If she thinks she can ‘as per my previous email’ me, ha, think again sweetie” she wrote.

The two women then shared a wicked laugh across the office together and eagerly awaited the reply to Audrey’s email.

At the time of press the reply still hadn’t come through, The Advocate will keep a close eye on the event and update readers once something comes through.

More to come. 


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