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Local RSL diner James Liston (22) displayed some of his childlike naivety today by expecting his $10 steak special to be cooked any way other than medium.

Dropping by Betoota RSL for some weekend drinks in an environment without the constant fear of getting bashed, Liston eyed off the $10 steak special which was advertised eloquently next to a sign for a Schapelle Corby themed cover band.

“How do they make money selling a steak for ten bucks?” marvelled Liston as he polished off his fourth jar.

“Reckon I could switch the gravy for Diane?”

According to witness reports, when Liston ordered his steak, his request for it to be cooked rare was met with open laughter from bistro worker Sharni Davies (63).

“Haha, righto mate,” laughed Davies as she handed Liston his buzzer.

“S’pose you want us to bring it to your table too? Haha, you fuckin’ kids.”

It wasn’t until Liston brought the steak to his table that he realised how his panglossian faith in pub food had lead to his downfall.

Although Liston claims to have learnt everything he knows about steak from the movie Pulp Fiction, it didn’t take long for him to realise the rare steak he had ordered had been served medium like anyone with half a brain would have predicted.

“These chips needs some salt too. Far out, has this chef even been to culinary school?”


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