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A pious city worker shook his head in disgust last week as the nation’s best rugby fullback took to social media to say that people who don’t live right by some magical sky person will end up in a magical fire hole for all eternity.

Dale Peckham, a 20-something who works in town with a computer in return for money to pay bills with, told The Advocate that he thinks Israel Folau is a ‘weirdo’ and that religion of any discription has no place in the developed world.

‘You’d have to be dumb as a box of rocks to live your life according to some old-arse book full of gibberish,” he said.

“Look, I couldn’t really give two fucks about what Israel said. It’s not like he’s saying gay people can’t play footy, he just means they can’t go to heaven. But it doesn’t exist and the Bible is glorified rolling paper, so why are people so upset?”

“It’s just dumb.”

However, despite calling religion a ‘malignant force on social progress’, the 29-year-old finance person is planning to abstain from eating red meat tomorrow as he observes the Good Friday public holiday here in Queensland.

He purchased a kilogram of tiger prawns this afternoon from the føtex on Alhambravej Road in Little Copenhagen, which he plans to graze over tomorrow before enjoying a steamed hunk of salmon for dinner.

“Everybody knows you don’t eat red meat on Good Friday,” he laughed.

“I’m not some obnoxious bogan.”

More to come.


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