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A local woman has this week declared that her penchant for smashing several hard seltzers at an alarming speed is ‘totally fine’ as they’re much healthier than any other type of alcohol.

As someone who grew up on lolly water and savvy b, Frankie Grant [25] had lept was the ideal consumer when seltzers became all the range, as the sweet taste combined with the promise of low calories made for a completely guilt free drunk night out. Though in all honesty, her logic may be a bit flawed.

Speaking to our reporter Effie, who too doesn’t mind a mango flavoured white claw, Frankie explains why she’s on the seltzer train.

“It’s only 90 calories a can”, says Frankie, describing what is essentially vodka and soda water, “and you can get some that are even lower.”

“I’m pretty sure a glass of wine is like,150?”

When asked what got her tanked faster, a glass of wine or full can of seltzer, Frankie just dutifully ignores the question.

“There’s like, less additives and stuff. Wine fucks me so much the next day but I’m completely fine with seltzer.”

As our reporter nods in agreement, she spies roughly 12 scrunched up cans of seltzer lying in Frankie’s recycling bin.

“Hahaha yeah it does take quite a few to get that buzz”, laughs Frankie nervously, “I probably have to get through at least seven of them, the disadvantages of being pissfit hahaha.”

“But they’re so much healthier so it’s fine”

More to come.


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