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Betoota Heights woman Bev Hartnett [27] has this weekend come so close to exerting some self control, after making it past several kebab shops without buying some hot chips, it’s reported.

Though it’s difficult enough to avoid buying a nice little hot treat on any given day, it’s roughly twenty times harder when one has had a few cocktails and a bottle of wine and hasn’t eaten since 6 o’clock – in fact, it’s probably your body telling you exactly what it needs.

But in Bev’s rather skewed logic, eating fried food after a night out is simply a way too unhealthy way to end it. Despite, of course, having already consumed roughly 2000 calories in sugary drinks that are twice the recommended weekly intake of alcohol.

Unfortunately for Bev, she quickly found her resolve waning when she finally got home, coming to the conclusion that she really could do with a large box of steaming hot chips… but now paying double the price for an Uber Eats driver to deliver what will inevitably be some lukewarm soggy chunks of potato.

More to come.


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