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For the past 48 hours, Brittany Seldom has been stuffing her face like it was her last weekend on earth.

Having gone on a bit of bender, Brittany’s binge eating marathon began with a large bag of salt and vinegar chips, followed by two separate stops at a fast food chain that rhymes with schmickmonalds.

The following hours followed in a similar vein, Brittany did not discriminate against any food groups and drinks.

When questioned about whether she was concerned that her body was a walking garbage dump for two days, Brittany’s response was naive at best.

“Nah it’s fine, I’ll just fast from Sunday night to Monday lunchtime”

“Fasting just resets everything, like if I have eaten all this crap, my body will eat it during the fast – it’s like It’s tapping into the fuel I already have”

“Do you get me?”

Despite Brittany’s best attempts at explaining her diet hack to our reporter, the science and legitimacy of her claim doesn’t seem to add up.

According to a local biomedical scientist, while intermittent fasting has been proven to have restorative effects on the body’s cells, eating junk food will counteract the fast.

“Yes, binge eating junk food will completely void any health benefits of intermittent fasting, Brittany is grossly misinformed,” said the scientist


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