Central Betoota residents are advised to be on high alert for fun times as a dog has been spotted running through the quadrangle at Betoota Primary School.

The unidentified dog has reportedly caused chaos during recess time after it entered the quad through an unknown entrance and has proceeded to chase a couple of birds and allegedly licked Samantha Hickey (9) on the hand.

“It licked my hand when no one was looking,” stated Hickey who was probably lying as she previously stated her cousin was on The Bachelor but wouldn’t say which one she was.

Teacher on duty David Murphy (42) reportedly told the students not to approach the mixed breed dog but couldn’t resist giving it a little pat as he unsuccessfully tried to usher it out of the school grounds.

“Ran right under my legs. Cheeky little shit.”

At present, the situation has been classified as a serious threat to productivity and staff have been instructed to take precautions to ensure no student put a hat on the dog and bring it into the classroom to be taught like a student in the style of the naughties Disney cartoon Teacher’s Pet.


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