The Harbour City of Sydney has today tried their very best to assure the country that it has a bit of culture, stil.

The largest city in the country is the focus of the latest battle in the culture wars this week, with debate raging over whether the iconic Sydney Opera House should be promoting the 13 million dollar Everest race on its sails. Which funnily enough will be the only place to get a beer in Sydney outside of the Star Casino on October 13.

Many are up in arms over the State Government’s calls to force the world heritage Opera House into to promoting the race.

This comes after years of the city allowing blatant advertising on some of it’s more iconic landmarks, like Centrepoint Tower and the famous ‘Coca-Cola Sign’ – a landmark that was an advertisement before it became a landmark.

A spokesperson for the Cityfolk United against the Culturally Kitchness of Sydney (CUCKS) told The Advocate today that despite the city’s history, the cultural elite still likes to view the harbour capital as a real bohemian hub.

“The Opera House is sacred. It’s the ‘people’s house,” the spokesperson said.

“People in the sense of, high culture minded residents living in close proximity to the Harbour who have a significant disposable income,” he said.

“And let me tell you, the ‘people’ see this whole debacle as an affront to their senses.”

The spokesperson refused to be drawn on other icons of the city that project blatant advertising on a permanent basis.

“Our city is better than blatant advertising on landmarks, okay.”

Ironically, The Betoota Advocate Roadshow will be touring the nation this November, finishing with a live performance at the Sydney Opera House on December 1st. If you are interesting in joining us for an amazing evening of culture and art. Go here:


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