Local woman Gemma Bishop has again taken to her iPhone notes to pump out some passive-aggressive texts.

The 25 year old Brisbanite had been feeling pretty pissed at her roommates lately, and rather than confronting them in person, has come up with some choice words to send them via Messenger.

Though the main target of her attack is the latest roommate Corey, Gemma thought it’d be best to send a group message urging “everyone to pull their weight cleaning.”

“It’s come to my attention that some of the dishes aren’t being washed properly,” texts Gemma, “I found a fleck of carrot on one of the plates and I just don’t understand why it’s so hard for some people to clean up after themselves.”

Gemma decides that message might be a little too forward, and proceeds to start all over again.

It’s revealed that of the 272 notes stored in her iPhone, 190 of them are strongly worded texts.

“This one was for a guy that said he wasn’t ready for a relationship,” Gemma says, revealing a text that reads like a bloody dissertation, “I accidentally sent it and he ended up blocking me.”

Gemma now writes all of her texts in her iPhone notes and has cultivated a careful screening process which involves three drafts, a run-through with Grammarly, and final approval by her best friend, Amy.

“Amy has the last say,” says Gemma, “she lets me know if I’m coming across too strong.”

As per Amy’s suggestion, Gemma foregoes blasting the group message inbox and takes an alternative approach instead.

“I decided to just leave a post it note on his door. Figured that would be the more adult way to go about it.”


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