In an embarrassing gaffe for the government today, the party’s internal agenda for the week has been accidentally sent out to the media.

The moment that will have the Prime Minister’s Media Advisor double-checking every single email and message for the rest of his natural life, has caused quite a stir today.

The internal memo with a list of talking points and party directives for the week was accidentally sent to the entirety of the Press Gallery, in a mistake that should make for an interesting few days of interviews.

While some were surprised about the severity of the smear campaigns being run internally inside the Liberal party others have been quick to point out how light the internal memo is on Barnaby Joyce.

Following directives on the importance of the economy and attacking climate warriors, only a single line was aimed at the maverick MP from New England who has increasingly made a habit of causing trouble for the government.

The line simply says: ‘BARNABY please keep on track this week.’

It’s not known if the memo was sent out before Barnaby called for Australia to come to the aid of Julian Assange.

However, the small throwaway line at the end has surprised many, who would have expected something far sterner in the memorandum.

“Yeah some of the other stuff is usually a fair bit sterner,” said an anonymous insider.

“I’ll try and get you a copy of next week’s one. If Barn keeps the Assange thing up it should be a doozy.”


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