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Sitting at her desk while she mindlessly scrolls through Tik Tok on full blast, Taylor Manners [25] finds herself pausing on yet another video hitting her with a major mental health diagnosis.

She’s been getting a lot of these lately, which she’s attributed to being ‘totally attacked by my for you page’ and not because she keeps training the algorithm to show them to her – much like how those looking for their ex to reach out or for a crush to text back, keep pausing on tarot card videos. 

For today’s lunch break video, she’s found herself stumbling across a video called, ‘Signs you have autism’, which includes a cheery music backdrop and a woman pointing to random areas of the screen, which list things many adults find themselves doing.

“Do you shake your leg a lot?’, points the woman, before throwing it back, “and find yourself making random noises?”

Wow, Taylor does actually.

“That’s ✨STIMMING✨”

Hmm weird. You see the last video Taylor saw about leg shaking, told her she had ADHD.

Fuck, which one is it? Does she have both?

This is quite concerning, seeing as she also saw a video explaining that her anxiety symptoms are actually clear signs she has a complex trauma related behavioural disorder, which means she now has THREE comorbid neurodivergencies.

Though Taylor is yet to have a formal diagnosis, she has no problem regularly blaming any of her quirks or poor behaviour on the fact she’s simply not a ‘neurotypical.’

More to come.


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