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A local man is breathing a sigh of relief today.

Following another hedonistic weekend of consuming too many things that are bad for him but make him feel good, Albert Russel said he was feeling a little flat this Tuesday evening.

Feeling the pressure to go and erase some of the weekend’s consumption at the gym this Tuesday night, Russel told The Advocate he was quite thankful to get a reason to bail on going for a run.

The husky local unit explained that the declaration of a third consecutive La Nina today was actually like the release of a pressure valve.

“It means I can postpone any bullshit plans to get the rig in order for summer for a third consecutive year,” laughed the comfortably loved-up local man.

The welcome news for Russel comes as the Bureau of Meteorology announced that we are on for another wet few months, with the weather pattern that’s associated with rain making its way back to Australian shores.

“I mean, between you and I, I probably wasn’t on for the warmer season, but it’s good to at least make an effort.”

“Maybe I’ll eat some raw chicken if I get a change of heart and try and drop a few kilos real quick, but the fact the weather isn’t going to be conducive to a hot boy summer does make me feel a little better.”

“But for now, it’s cheap Tuesday pizza night tonight.”


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