A local couple are being reprimanded this morning, after gifting all of their closest friends and family a giant headache for Christmas.

After being forced to delay their wedding for a year due to lockdown restrictions, local pair Hugo and Isabella have reportedly decided to get one back on the universe and ruin Christmas for everyone else by booking in their wedding day for Boxing Day.

“Ahaha what a great idea hey,” shrilled local bridezilla Isabella, who has already been posting a daily countdown clock on her Instagram story every morning.

“Plus it’s Christmas, so everyone has got a bunch of time off!”

Making matters worse for their close friends, it’s believed the couple have doubled down on their ability to be a royal pain in the ass by shunning Betoota’s exquisite local wedding venues and instead hosting the event at Yuppy Guppy Creek Farm in Byron Bay.

Forcing their friends and family to sell a kidney to afford flights to Far North Bondi, wedding attendees have told The Advocate they’re considering faking a case of the spicy cough so they can instead just enjoy Christmas at home, like normal people.

Speaking to one bridesmaid, Sara Englert (29), the wedding party are understandably pretty off the whole thing.

“It’s ridiculous, by the time you book things for Easter you really only get 12 or so annual leave days a year, and this stupid wedding is about to carve out half of those.”

“Plus even worse, this wedding is in Byron!”

“Have you ever tried to book accommodation there, you pay $550 a night to sleep in a shipping container a farmer has converted into a “loft apartment”, and you’ve gotta go to the dunny outdoors.”

“This whole wedding stinks!”


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