Local longfella Pete ‘Pistol’ Sauer has today moved quickly to provide a more aesthetic average height to his group of mates.

During a long-awaited boys trip to Longreach, Pistol and the boys were snapped by a local venue photographer drinking the novelty Pimms that were on offer during happy hour at the iconic Bird Cage Hotel – but that wasn’t even the quirkiest element to the photo.

Aside from the little cardboard mugs of the gin-based fruit cups grasped firmly in their hands, the funniest part of the group shot is the fact that Pistol is crouched on the ground – kind of like a rap album.

While most of the Facebook commenters appear to be under the impression that Pistol was pulling a funny pose, like Rocco who was seen doing a wink and cheers while headlocking Chipper – only the fellow tall blokes really understand what Pistol was doing with his squat.

“I’m like two heads taller than these pindicks” says Pistol.

“Every time a camera comes out I have to hit the deck”

“It’s just part and parcel with being a fully formed man. I don’t want to embarrass them or fuck up the group shot… If I don’t squat, then the photographer usually has to take a few steps back”

Pistol says this is just one of the many responsibilities that come with not being a manlet.

“Dancefloors are the worst. I can never truly cut shapes without being the most visible man on the dance-floor… I’m more of a clap and twist while hunched over on the outskirts of the d-floor kinda guy”


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