A local working-single-mother-of-two has today confirmed the theories that she is a full blown communist by pledging her allegiance to whichever political party can’t offer her affordable childcare.

The prominent canteen mum from Betoota’s Flight Path District has long been accused of being a Red, especially after it was revealed that she was sitting on a waiting list for public housing.

“Yeah, I guess it would be nice” said Cheryl Smythers (37), a full-time hospitality worker, who still has snow on her boots.

“For me, it’s a big issue. I am struggle to bring home any income at all after having paid for childcare for my kids. The cost of living is quite high for a single mother like me”

This comes as Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan labelled Labor’s plan to ensure that childcare is available for low- and middle-income families ‘communist’.

The plan, which would prevent families like Cheryl’s from being priced out of care for their children, was attacked by the Minister because it would use taxpayer funds to provide the service.

Locals says that after her comments that show an alarming interest in affordable childcare, Cheryl’s regular trips to the industrial townships of North-Eastern Russia are stating to make a lot more sense.

“I knew there was something a bit off about her” said one local dad, Jobson Grothe (41), who has kids at the same school.

“First it was all that time she spent in those intensive Soviet training camps” he said.

“Then, at last week’s P&C meeting, she tells me that she knows how to wash and load an AK47 in muddy terrain while under fire from CIA-trained Afghanis rebels”

“Now the childcare thing… It’s a bit worrying”

“I’ve been suspecting she was a filthy communist for quite some time”


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