Jasmine Hawkinson has surprised her boyfriend today with acting skills he didn’t know she had.

The talent was discovered when her boyfriend, Jim, proposed to her.

While a proposal is usually cause for surprise, in this instance the fact that Jasmine chose the ring completely negates the surprise.

The Advocate sat down with the young couple shortly after the proposal to gain a little more detail around the momentous occasion.

“It was exactly how I imagined it” said Jasmine, who probably meant to say ‘planned’ instead of imagined.

“Yeah, it went really well,” said Jim, looking to Jasmine for reassurance, who reassured him but then excused herself from the interview to use the ladies room.

“What really surprised me was Jas’s acting skills” Jim said candidly once Jasmine was out of earshot.

“She chose the ring the weekend before, then gave me a 1 week window of when to propose”

“She knew it was coming but reacted like it was completely unexpected.”

“It was scary,” he said quickly before Jasmine returned.

The Advocate understands that this is a pretty common trend among the new age couples., so much so that a number of Betoota’s jewellery designers are actually offering acting classes with ring purchase.

It’s believed that Jasmine’s wedding planning is in full swing, already reaching out to her preferred dress designers for bookings.

More to come. 


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