A recent report released by the CSIRO’s Diamantina outpost has revealed that a staggering 80% of grievances voiced by children can be attributed to their smartphone addiction, that’s according to their parents.

The two-year study found that parents managed to link almost any illness, complaint or question back to kids being on their phone too damn much.

“I once told my mum that I was about to spew. Her immediate reply was ‘that’s because you’re always on your phone!” explained one child that participated in the study.

“I told my mum that we were going to be late for school and she told me it was because I was on my phone too much” added another equally confused child.

The Advocate reached out to the CSIRO for comment, and we were lucky enough to be put in touch with lead researcher Dr. Tim Apple.

“We started to see a pattern emerge pretty early on into the study. We continued the study, but it was clear what the outcome would be”

“What was surprising was how high the percentage of parents that blamed smartphones for completely unrelated issues to do with their kids, 80%, can you believe it?”

“It used to be the TV that was the root of all issues, now it’s the smart phone.”

“We’re betting that in another 10 years parents will be blaming ‘bloody VR headsets’ for everything [haha]” Tim laughed at his own nerd joke, which we took as a good time to end the interview.

More to come. 


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