Steph Lidcome has today let her finger hover over the accept button of a friend request that she’s been avoiding before deciding she’d let it hang until next time. 

The friend request in question is one from Oli Elliot, a colleague of Steph’s that she has barely spoken to in the two years she’s been at her company. 

The Advocate sat down with Steph to see why she’s continued to leave Oli on the back burner for what’s now the 5th week. 

“Umm I just don’t know him” 

“He added me on Facebook too, not even Linked in” 

“Facebook is for friends. If I haven’t been drunk with you at least 4 times, I’m not going to accept you on Facebook.”

While Steph’s friend accepting criteria might seem trivial, social media analysts based in Betoota have data to back up her hierarchy.

“Yes, she’s bang on. It’s kind of like bases, if you will,” said Mr. Fox, lead data analyst at Social Miners, Betoota’s biggest data analysis agency.  

“Linked In is the network for pure colleagues, then if the relationship progresses Instagram is next, then Facebook”

“For Oli to jump straight to Facebook is borderline sociopathic.”

More to come.


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