New mum Lauren Kamleh didn’t know that the arrival of her newborn baby daughter would come with an additionally uninvited family member.

Like many parents with a newborn baby, Kamleh has been using guest visits as a chance to take a breather and do a relaxed poo while her friend holds the most precious thing in the world to her.

Today, that friend was an old university mate of Kamleh’s called Melissa Parson but today she announced she was going by a different title.

“Hey! It’s Aunty Mel!” stated Parson as she held the baby of a woman she maybe sees twice a year.

“Say ‘aunty Mel!’ Ha! She almost said it!”

Not wanting to point out her baby has six biological aunts who have already visited several times, each bringing food that wasn’t a mini box of Favourites, Kamleh decided she will wait and see if her friend earns her aunty stripes when her baby takes her fifth poo for the day.

However, the alleged aunty was able to smell past the soiled nappy for long enough to take a nice photo of her with the baby plus a few sillies for storing.

At the time of writing, the photo of Parson with the baby captioned “AUNTY TIME #AuntyMelAndCo” has received 150 likes and 30 comments.

Parson claims she is looking forward to seeing her niece maybe one of two more times before they graduate.

More to come.


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