A young Betoota Heights local has today learned just how cruel and unrelenting mother nature can be after attempting to pull an all-nighter, it’s reported.

After doing her due diligence by studying for a degree and working up the career ladder in a profession her parents would approve, local woman Steve Burch has come to the realisation that although her life looks great on paper, deep down, she’d much rather be teaching finger painting.

The junior associate admits that dealing with the humdrum of corporate life, mixed with the usual office politics you would expect from such a high-pressure environment has given her a twisted worldview but reckons that the high disposable income and bragging rights make it all worthwhile – as does the epic benders.

However, Stevie’s friends, who she’d sensibly acquired outside the office, have reportedly had trouble keeping up with their mate tonight, despite Stevie’s best efforts to organise some kick ons.

Forced between aimlessly wandering the sparse valley mall like a victorian ghost child or continuing kick ons at home, Stevie chose to curl up in bed and watch The Office until the wee hours of the morning.

Though she tried in vain to ignore the creeping rays of sunlight peeking through her bedroom window, nature persevered and Stevie was forced to admit defeat when the piercing shrieks of a distant plover signaled it was clearly time to sleep.

More to come.


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