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A local city worker named Angus Hunt has gotten his weekend off to a productive start this afternoon.

The Betoota Heights local who works in the Old City District from 9-5 every Monday to Friday promised himself at the back end of last weekend that he would make the most of this weekend.

“Yeah, I have plenty of life admin that’s piled up on my desk since Christmas, and I thought this weekend I would start to get on top of it,” Hunt said in the busy line at a popular Old City District establishment that has a decent happy hour.

“And what better way to get on top of it than by getting a trip to the shops in nice and early,” he said.

“It’s only 5:30 on Friday and I’ve already made it to the shops, so I think that’s something to hang my hat on don’t you.”

“Maybe the Schooner Shop isn’t exactly Aldi, but it’ll do for a few supplies,” he laughed loudly ignoring the fact his empty body will be sad and regretful again in roughly 48 hours, like it always is.

“Nah all jokes aside, I’m getting up early tomorrow and getting into it,” he lied.


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