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A local Betoota Heights resident may be a little guilty of fudging his online car listing this week.

Brayden Smith, a 29-year-old engineer, who is looking to do the whole Aussie’s in London thing for a year or two, decided to post an ad for his car online in an effort to raise the funds for his overseas soirée.

While there may be an element of truth in the statement that he’s kept his pride and joy in the garage of his parent’s house in Betoota Heights, and he has been the sole owner of the vehicle he purchased for nearly an average yearly wage on a high-interest loan in 2010, Brayden has confirmed that he might have neglected to mention what he’s used the ute for.

The engineer who drives the ute to work everyday but doesn’t use it for tools because he is one of those site manager kind of engineers who doesn’t really do physical work, explained that he thought it was best he didn’t let a future owner know he’s lit up the Costco carpark more than a couple of times.

“Yeah I didn’t put that in the listing,” he laughed this afternoon.

“Obviously I’ve sent it a few times in the Costco carpark, but what the eye don’t see the heart don’t feel hey.”

“And surely you expect that a piece of machinery like the VE’s been used to put on a bit of smoke show anyway.”

“20 grand’s a great price regardless, any of your reporters interested? I’d do it for 19 if you paid 5 grand in cash.”

The Advocate declined the kind offer.

More to come.


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