A financially reckless but relatively content local man has experienced a few heart palpitations today.

The cause for concern arose during his lunch break when he realised he wasn’t sure where one of his most valuable possessions was.

Immediately stepping outside the office of his engineering firm, Jacob Walters called his mum to check if she knew where his holographic Charizard might be.

Despite never really using his most treasured Pokemon card, Walters said he’d hate to think it had been thrown out.

“Mum what do you mean you are not sure what happened to my stuff? What, where did dad put it in the shed?” asked the stressed-out man tailing off the back end of another piss induced existential crisis.

“Okay, I’ll look for it next weekend. You know that it could be worth like a couple of grand, so I hope dad hasn’t thrown it out,” said the local man child.

After getting off the phone to his mother, Walters told us he would hate to think he’d lost the card that held it’s value so well even though almost every other kid seemed to have at school.

“It’s in Mint condition,” he said.

“Cause I never actually played with it,” he laughed.

“Not a bad investment when ya think about it.”

Despite his hopes to cash in on the fanfare and lore of Charizard, he then admitted he wasn’t sure why they were regarded so highly; “If you actually look into it, the best starter in the video game was either Bulbasaur or Squirtle. So I don’t know what all the fuss is about.”

“Anyway, fingers crossed.”


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