Betoota Heights local Bridgette Mckenzie experienced a few tiny pangs of regret this evening.

Sitting on the couch as the credits rolled on another season of Greys Anatomy, Mckenzie promised herself that she wouldn’t spend the next few weeks binge-watching TV shows.

“Tomorrow, I’ll get up, and head out for a swim at Lake Betoota after the gym,” she said with conviction, taking a sip from her second glass of a 2019 Vintage Cab-Sav.

“I’m not going to waste the remaining month of my Christmas holidays,” said the local Primary School teacher who has escaped the clutches of casual and contract work.

She then explained to her reporter that, while the scene at hand might look like it’s feet up, it’s not all TV show into TV show for her.

“I’ve been working on my teaching plans for the year ahead and updating all my modules,” said the young bachelorette.

“Don’t you start me on the whole geez I wish I had that many holidays,” she said.

“I get enough of it from my mates already. Besides if it’s such a good gig, why don’t you become a fucking teacher then!”

“Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the remaining few weeks before I’m back at the hard slog.”

“Oh my housemates are home from their jobs, I’m going to tell them it’s wine time. Off you go now.”


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