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A Queensland woman who just moved to New South Wales has unfortunately found herself becoming quite the spectacle this evening, after attempting to get into a club.

As a useless twenty five year old who had long ago given up all attempts to secure a licence, Anna Stewart had made do with a QLD proof of age card, which featured a Shrek green gradient background with glittery gold holographics.

Though she’d even copped a couple of weird looks from bouncers using them in her home state, NSW bouncers are said to be absolutely tickled whenever they come across one – such as tonight’s instance, when she tried to get into a gastropub on King Street.

Presenting the ID, Anna was quickly met with a laugh as the bouncer inspected it with intense curiosity.


“What the fuck is this?”

Shooting him a dirty look, Anna says it’s not her fault every other state’s identification card looks like it hadn’t been updated since the 90s, and that she thought the QLD cards were rather pretty actually.

More to come.


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