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A Bondi rental agency has found themselves in hot water today, after a Reddit user by the name of Sexyturtle_001 uploaded the ridiculous rental application form they had to fill out  to the Sydney forum, which has since racked up thousands of upvotes.

Titled ‘Knocked back for not being good looking enough’, the user went on to say that there were quite a few odd questions on the form, including requests for his Instagram handle, and a selfie.

“I thought it was odd that a rental agency was asking how many times I exercised a week”, wrote Sexyturtle, “but even weirder when I had to check off whether I used certain medications, such as eczema cream or minoxidil.”

“Why the fuck would they need to know that?”

He adds that after filling out the form, he received an email saying that his application has been denied, because unfortunately, he is simply not good looking enough.

However, the agency has since defended this rejection, saying they simply have to uphold ‘the Bondi standards.’

“Look, Bondi is where all the sexy people live”, admits one of the agents, who is also dashingly handsome, “that’s just facts.”

“We don’t want to pollute it with uggos.”

Our reporter asks what would guarantee a streamlined approval process, for those thinking of making the move.

“Um, just be hot I guess?”

“Six packs on blokes are viewed quite favourably.”

“If you got a V line, you don’t even have to fill out the form.”

“We’ll just find you.”

More to come.


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