A local lightning rod has caused a bit of stir today, despite there not being a cloud in sight. 

With Betoota’s weather system treating residents of our town to a postcard of a day, local man Brett Sims had been enjoying a bit of a bbq when he decided to be an arbiter on what is and isn’t ‘Australian’ –  as if that’s a thing people under the age of 50 still care about. 

The pleasant gathering down at one of Betoota’s most famous outdoor spaces had been meandering through the usual range of chit about life, accompanied by a few seltzers and some lamb chops – until Brett decided to become a cat amongst the pigeons by pretending to be one of those young journos from Sky News.  

Following a few surprised comments about where songs were placing in the Hottest 100, Big Brett raised a controversial opinion about whether the Hottest 100 should only be open to Australian artists. 

“It’s UnAustralian to have some international artist win if you ask me,” he laughed. 

While his mates gave him confused looks to see whether he was trolling or being serious, Brett continued on with some spiel about how the Hottest 100 has kinda gone to shit over the last few years anyway. 

“Like seriously, it should be an Aussie artist winning every year really,” continued the man who didn’t actually vote in the giant music poll – and also secretly doesn’t like most of the ‘new’ Australian artists anyway.

The inflammatory comments about Australianness caused a few bbq attendees to take the bait, with one of his mates’ girlfriends nearly choking on the remnants of lamb chop after trying to return serve. 

“Who’d you vote for Brett,” she laughed. 

Brett then tried to assure the group that that is actually beside the point, and they all know what he is saying. 

A few people laughed, before telling Brett to pull his head and give them an update on his dating life. 

It’s reported he humbly obliged by offering up a self-deprecating story about his most recent date and disarming the slightly heightened mood amongst the group. 

“Yeah, didn’t get a second date on that one,” he was heard laughing. 

More to come. #ad


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