In more breaking news from the hottest house party in Betoota this afternoon, a bloke who loves to sesh has confirmed that Fred again’s music is quite a vibe.

Doing his best to kick off a dance floor on a small patch of grass out the back of a French Quarter share house, local environmental science student Josh Gibson (23) has told our reporter that the song playing on the UE boom speakers “is a hectic tune”.

Upon hearing the rumbling beats of Fred again’s collab with Swedish House Mafia, witnesses say Josh attempted to pivot the party from casual chill drinks around an outdoor table into a full on house rave.

Wearing a pair of speedies to make up for a missing shirt and left thong, its reported Josh’s party diet of South Coast Pale Ales, a few jelly snakes and a pinger has boosted him into the back end of the countdown.

“Brahhhh this ones a track!” he yelled out to the party, who stood around mildly amused at his inability to stand up straight.

“Oi turn it up!!!”

Bouncing from side to side whilst letting his private school mullet blow in the wind, Josh decided he’d attempt to fill the dance floor and drag a few of his cronie mates into the mix. 

“Turrrn on the lights!” he hissed, drunkenly grabbing his close mate ‘Hogsy’ in a headlock and pulling him onto his makeshift dance floor.

“Let’s actually send it ayeee!!”


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