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A group of girls have this weekend come together to help out a friend sporting a tiny crop top (more like ‘flop’ top), after some pre drinking proved the tiny square of fabric was no match for her curious boobs.

It’s alleged the owner of the boobs in question, Sara Pacoe [25], had been unsure if the top was a good idea for a night on the dance floor, seeing as a quick boogie at home had already proved her nips were eager to escape their cotton prison.

However, luckily for Sara, her mates have quickly dismissed any plans to swap tops (you look too good!!) and have instead promised to keep a stern look out for any exposed nips.

Because that’s what friends do.

“I’ll be on nipple duty!”, had assured her friend Beth, already proving to be quick at practice pulling the top at home, “honestly don’t worry.”

Another friend, who’s admittedly the most unhinged member of the group, reckons who gives a fuck, it’s 2022.

“Just get them out, babe.”

More to come.


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