The United States Military has today confirmed that it is finally getting some bang for its buck.

After a couple of decades of terrorising the Middle East, the most well resourced army in the world is now enjoying the fruits of its spendings.

This follows the shooting down of a fourth balloon over US or Canadian airspace in the last month.

A Chinese Spy Balloon which floated across the states on the 4th of February was the first to cause a media frenzy, with many patriotic Americans furious about the act of war.

Since that first fateful interception a few more big scary balloons have found themselves floating across US airspace, which has lead to the US seeing some good return on the 850 billion dollars a year they pump into their military spending.

“Money well spent,” explained one local American man after seeing some navy guys pull ballon material out of the ocean.

It’s believed the war on balloons has been received significantly better around the world than drone strikes across the Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

“Look it’s not as satisfying as drone strikes, or seeing a regime de-stabilized because a foreign nation’s democratically elected leader was toying with the idea of implementing socialist policies that would poorly affected US based multinational companies,” continued the US man.

“But it’s great to see our military protecting the citizens of this country.”

“I’m glad we spend 858 billion dollars a year on the military, and not communist things like healthcare, child care and education.”

“Imagine how terrible our lives we be if started taking money away from the military for things like that.”

More to come.


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