A Betoota Grove man is preparing to go to war this morning as he looks to recuperate the funds from a Valentine’s Day dinner turned sour.

Two weeks ago, local engineering student Callum Durgan (25) is understood to have booked a table at Le Coucou, the swanky new French joint on Moncur Street in downtown Betoota.

But after forking out $160 a head for two seats at the 8 o’clock sitting, The Advocate understands poor Callum’s love life has dissipated, after being broken up with by his hot summer fling that he matched with over Christmas.

Now facing the prospect of paying half a week of rent on a solo dinner, Callum braced himself to go “full Karen”, read out his consumer rights and try to get his money back.

After putting an eagle eye over the restaurant’s extensive terms and conditions page, Callum told The Advocate whilst the venue was well within their rights to charge him a 50% booking fee, it wouldn’t stop him having a crack at sidestepping the pain to his hip pocket.

“They’re the hottest restaurant in town, you can’t tell me they won’t fill that table with someone on the waiting list,” Callum told The Advocate, as he paced around his home psyching himself up for the call.

Having looked through every dot point in the T&Cs and having a quick google through some legal blogs, Callum admitted that he might have to play the handiest little loophole and play the cough card.

“There’s only one way to dodge it, a few fake sneezes and a dry throat on the phone and surely they’ll let me bail?”

“And if they don’t buy that, then I’ll have to play really dirty and threaten some bad Google reviews.”

“I’m prepared to go full Boomer on them, I’m in no mood to negotiate!”

More to come.


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