The United States Military has this week achieved a new level of success.

The people behind the computers that fire things into the sky, have managed to finally make it through the next level of Bloons TD.

Their exciting achievement comes after countless failed attempts, with the level they were stuck on being described as ‘hella hard.’

For those who enjoyed playing free PC games and lived through the limited firewall capabilities of school computers, Bloons TD was a popular game based on stopping waves of balloons before they conquered your stronghold.

Excitingly for those in the US military, they’ve been able to play Bloons TD in real live, with the Chinese military sending a wave of low flying slow moving balloons at their borders.

Confirmed over the weekend, the US military has shot down the fourth unidentified object to fly over US or Canadian skies this month. 

That fourth shooting down means they have successfully levelled up, and are now set to face the next wave of Chinese military Bloons.

It’s unknown if they are set to send on some MOBs, but they people behind the computers say they are excited for what challenges lie ahead.

More to come.


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