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Staring at her mate with a look of amusement and disbelief, local woman Christie Lawson [26] informs her that no, chopping off all of her hair will not fix her problems.

“But I think it’d look cute!”, Vera had protested, pulling her long hair up to reach her shoulders, “like it looks expensive.”

This is of course coming from someone who not only once had a meltdown about a hairdresser accidentally dying their hair a couple of shades too dark, but also someone who is currently sporting almost waist length hair.

“Dude absolutely not.”

“I know for a fact the second you get it cut off, you’ll be blowing up my phone.”

“And saying you look like a human helmet.”

“Then you’ll end up blowing hundreds on extensions and hating those too.”

“Because they’ll annoy you.”

“And then you’ll get those removed.”

“And probably end up bleaching your hair.”

Pausing to let her words sink in, Christie can tell by the look of defeat on her mate’s face, that Vera knows she is 100% correct.

“You’re just bored.”

More to come.


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