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A recent study into trending body art has found that wolf tatts are incredibly popular amongst blokes who live in North Brisbane, as are forest tattoos (primarily on the forearm), mandalas, lions, tigers, panthers, or really just anything depicting some sort of wild animal.

These findings come after it was discovered that almost every bloke who attended a music event at Eatons Hill Hotel had at least one of these tattoos, or the ultimate crossover, a wolf with a forest behind it.

‘Yeah I just thought it looked pretty mad to be honest”, says Trevor McDonald [32], from Strathpine, who has a massive wolf with electric blue eyes on his left pec.

Another bloke, 26 year old Ethan Hurst from North Lakes, reckons he got one because of a cool wolf post he saw on Facebook.

“Inside everyone is two wolves”, he explained.

“One is evil and one is good.”

“The one who wins is the one you feed.”

“…So I got two wolves haha. A black one and a white one.”

More to come.


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