The people of Queensland have today issued a formal apology for the behaviour of our mouth-breathing politicians on last night’s episode of Q&A.

Trioli, who was a refreshing change from the shiraz-stained teeth of Tony Jones, appeared to be taking a bullet for all presenters of the public broadcaster – in what appeared to be a full hour of herding cats on issues like Adani, gun control and vegan farm invasions.

The panel was made up of the four clashing personalities of The Pixie (Greens), The Flat Earther (One Nation), The Charisma Vaccum (ALP) and the chinless Peter Griffin-looking cunt (LNP).

While the fringe politicians from One Nation and The Greens appeared to show a basic level of respect towards the host and fellow guests, the nameless major party spokespeople presented themselves bickering billboard advertisement for voter detachment.

Not one person in the room managed to answer one question throughout the entire program, but the LNP representative did his best to appear offended when fellow panellists insinuated that Peter Dutton might be racist and corrupt – possibly the only two agreeable sentiments to come out of last nights program.

Very few solid political stances were identifiable through the dribble last night – however what was clear is that everyone but the Greens and the audience supports Adani.

One Nation wants to make gun laws safer by making them more accessible, and the LNP doesn’t view taking millions of dollars in donations from mining companies who receive political favours as corruption.

It is believed that producers from the show took an exhausted Trioli out for a few $3 basics at Hotel LA in Caxton Street on Hospo Night, as a way of apologising on behalf of the people of our great state.


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