Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has let out a mighty sigh this morning after NSW contact tracers reveal that his widely condemned racist Indian flight ban would not have stopped the current outbreak in Sydney anyway.

The newest NSW community transmission cluster has today doubled, as the wife of the man from Sydney’s eastern suburbs who tested covid positive has also tested positive.

NSW Health have this morning confirmed genomic sequence has identified the man’s covid strain is linked to returned traveller with US strain who was in hotel quarantine.

This news comes as an arrow to the knee for the Morrison government, who have made a catastrophic decision to leave Australian citizens stranded in India this week in an effort to boost their polling with voters through a xenophobic dog whistle that has backfired horribly.

So far it’s unclear how the transmission took place between the quarantined traveller and the patient zero Eastern Suburbs man – with concerns about a ‘missing link.’

However, this is hardly the number one issue for the Morrison government, who were backing to put this India flight ban backlash to bed by vilifying someone with brown skin on the front page of The Daily Telegraph.

Unfortunately for Scotty From Marketing, this current outbreak is as caucasian as they come – with an Eastern Suburbs boomer taking this US-strain of the virus for a tour of Sydney’s sailing clubs and barbecue retailers.

All Australians of subcontinental appearance have been advised to keep any symptoms to themselves and hide away from Murdoch journalists and Liberal politicians who are scouring the major Australian cities for an Indian scapegoat whose character can be assassinated in an marketing exercise to justify their decision to criminalise any Indian-Australians or test cricketers attempting to flee back to their home country, so as to not die in the streets of Delhi.


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