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After years of being fleeced each time their toaster packs it in, a breeding pair of local sexagenarians have discovered that it’s possible to purchase new whitegoods online and not just at the Betoota Heights Harvey Norman.

“We’re going to save thousands,” said Glenda Coleman to this masthead this morning.

“Usually, we’d have to go down to Harvey Norman, talk to someone for 45 minutes about toasters then make a purchase only to find out we’ll get the thing at the end of the month because they’re out of stock,”

“We thought that was the only way.”

Glenda’s man, Rodger, laughed.

“We saved $400 on a new washing machine buying it online. What do you pay extra at Harvey Norman for? Good old fashioned service?” he said.

“Gerry can shove that good old fashioned service up his fucking arse for $400. The thieving cunt,”

“I mean, how good’s the fucking internet?”

The Advocate reached out to Harvey Norman for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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