Australia’s climate denialist newspaper barons and bootlicking politicians are today doing their very best to talk about how good Australia Day was, after new revelations of extremely poor due diligence from their end.

In fact the due diligence almost looks like wilful negligence, after it became clear that the Indian billionaire that our media and political class have been lauding for over ten years is actually nothing more than a con artist who exploits dumb cunts like them.

Adani – the company behind Queensland’s controversial Carmichael mine – is facing a stock market bloodbath, wiping 12 billion in only a couple days, after it was accused by US research group Hindenburg of pulling off “the largest con in corporate history”.

The firm run by billionaire Indian oligarch Gautam Adani – the founder and chairman of India’s $US218 billion Adani Group, and previously the third-richest man on the planet – has been slammed for purportedly carrying out fraud for years on end.

“We have uncovered evidence of brazen accounting fraud, stock manipulation and money laundering at Adani, taking place over the course of decades,” Hindenburg said on Wednesday, before the horrifying stockmarket plunge began.

With a lull in sporting events to distract the public from the fact that the man at the centre of Australia’s climate wars appears to be perhaps one of the biggest white collar criminals in human history, politicians and media are even going as far as congratulating the national hockey side for their nail-biting 4-3 over Spain in the first World Cup quarterfinal.

In fact, it’s almost like our 2019 Federal Election wasn’t based entirely around the deep ideological divide caused by this one man’s business interests. With both major parties flying back and forth to Mumbai to be photographed shaking his hand, while underfunded scientists cried into the warming waters of the heavily bleached Great Barrier Reef – just a couple hundred kilometres from the proposed mega-coalmine that he had been promised.

It is not yet known if the mining lobby’s shill Senator Matt Canavan will continue wearing his Start ADANI T-shirt in all live crosses to Sky News.

Anyway, Here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed.


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