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As the nation prepares to flock down to the beach to celebrate the hottest 100 this saturday, the Cancer Council has come forth with a new campaign that encourages the correct sun safety practices – by utilising the help of your ginger mates to ensure every last bit of skin is protected in a three inch layer of 50 plus.

Using the slogan ‘nobody smears like a ginger’, Cancer Council hopes that skin cancer rates can see a rapid decline in the next decade, and generate some more love for our fiery headed friends.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that we haven’t been weaponising gingers enough”, said head of marketing, Vince Fitzpatrick, “if every friendship circle had a ginger mate, sunburn would cease to exist.”

Adding that taking pale people to the beach can be a hit and miss, as some just straight up refuse to admit their shortcomings, Vince says ginger people are acutely aware of the dangers of the sun as their mums would have drummed it into their heads with a steel baton.

“They’ve been burnt before.”


“If you want to ensure that not a single millimetre of your back is missed by sunscreen.”

“Adopt a ginger friend.”

More to come.


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